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Using Compressed Air? Think again!

Using Compressed Air? Think again!
We know this might sound strange from a guy who's all about compressed air... ... but did you ever wonder WHY and IF you really need to use compressed air? It might have been a very bad decision to make use of compressed air for your tools, machines, actuators, etc. Sure, some applications DEMAND compressed air. It's simply the only real option for it. And we know, compressed air and has many upsides: compressed air tools are very powerfulthey are safe to usecan operate in very dirty environmentsare cheaper compared to their electrical counterpartscan last a lifetime. I love all the benefits that using compressed air for your application brings.. but there is one very big downside..
Compressed air is EXPENSIVE.Very expensive.In fact, it's 7x - 8x more expensive compared to electricity. We talked about the cost of compressed air. And here's an example that shows exactly how and why using compressed air is 7x more expensive than electric…